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3 Must ask questions for all BIM Managers

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The previous post talked about, how important a BIM Manager is for any BIM project. The next learning I started was about the journey of becoming a BIM manager and this lead me to a mesmerising fact, that you only need to attend a training of three days by paying a fees of $900 and you become a BIM manager. But is it really true? Is becoming a BIM manager a cake walk? I had been studying about BIM managers and their role and for me I feel I still know nothing. There are number of questions still unanswered. So, that group of everyone who think they have become BIM manager, need to analyse and realise how authentic is their education and do they really deserve to call themselves BIM experts?

To understand the fact in a real depth you need to understand what these BIM managers in real are and what their role is. After this you need to judge are you really eligible and you fit into the picture or not. To analyse the facts better lets break down the term and understand the meaning. At the bottom of everything BIM manager is a professional who is meant to manage BIM policies, processes, people and technology at large. Now breaking it down to another level with the help of these questions:

  1. What should be looked for in a BIM manager?

BIM manager is understood to be a natural leader. He has the capability to understand the needs of the team and manage them well. He is known to his responsibilities and duties and knows how to interact with his people. The person acting as BIM manager is expected to have strong technical knowledge which will allow them to explain the project and coordinate with clients.

  1. What are the major responsibilities and roles of BIM manager?

BIM manager is considered to be the cornerstone of any BIM project. He is responsible for managing and supervising all major matters which are related to BIM and provide effective support throughout the project. Employing required control and monitoring the progress of all activities assigned, even falls as a part of BIM Managers responsibilities.

  1. What are the challenges faced by BIM manager?

It is always a challenge to manage the team and take just decisions. The manager need to make sure tasks is coordinate and people work in peace with each other. Also he needs to take care of the quality of the training of the team members. It is his responsibility to close the project successfully.

So to keep it simple, a few days training cannot make you a BIM manager. There is a lot more to the cup of tea.

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