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9 Facts about BIM Services structural design companies should know

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How BIM services can help structural design companies?

BIM services have an integral role for the structural design companies, as it provides the essential software solutions for the business executions. BIM services enhance the overall productivity, visualization and integration of the project. It can be implied in the creation of truss drawings, wooden structures and design and detailing services. The digital representation of the different engineering designs created with BIM services can be used in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the different constructions. Some of the important advantages of BIM services for the structural design companies are discussed here.

1. Increase the productivity

BIM services promote sales and easy project approvals by employing more efficient methodologies and increase the overall productivity and revenue generation through the effective detailing services.

2. Enhances coordination

As BIM services improve coordination among different departments of a company, it promotes collaborative effort that will result in successful project execution.

3. Encourages the efficient project management

BIM Service has a significant role in efficient project management. As it enables easy document sharing among the various departments of the company, the staff can work as a team and run the project smoothly. In short BIM services promote unity among different departments.

4. BIM services Helps visualize the project

BIM service enables the complete visualization of the project in every stage, which is the most significant advantage of this service.

5. Gives valuable structural drawings

BIM services provide complete solutions to the structural drawing services. As these drawings are very important for during the project cycle for reference in future, this can be taken as the most valuable contribution of BIM services.

6. Allows easy alterations in the designs

Alterations can be done in a BIM-based design at any stages of a project cycle. It will really help avoid waste of time and money at work site.

7. Encourages client communications

The product can be visualized easily with necessary project details through BIM services. So, the clients can understand the design clearly that will help get approvals from them easily.

8. Minimizes clashes and conflicts

BIM services enable clash detection in early stages of construction that will reduce the chances of rework or repetitions. It really will help the precious time and money of the owner.

9. Functions as an effective marketing tool

The trained professionals in the company can make effective client presentation using the latest technologies of BIM software. Thus the firm can expand their business from old clients to new clients.

In short, BIM services is useful in the different phases of the works of the structural designing companies such as bidding, pre-construction, construction and the post-construction. The architects, engineers as well as construction managers get benefit from this advanced technology. That is why more and more construction companies are starting to imply BIM services on their projects.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an awesome facts on bim structural design..I have just started my career in structural designing industry so your post is much more helpful me to gather and increase my knowledge on bim.

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