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Benefits of using the NBS National BIM Library

BIM Library

Benefits of Using NBS (National BIM Library)

NBS National BIM Library in UL is the free-to-use primary source of BIM content. It provides you with a sales tool, where you can place your products in front of construction professionals directly at the time of specification. So, construction professionals can locate, download and use your BIM objects for their project work with the help of NBS National BIM Library. The library is a credible source for authoring BIM objects for manufacturers. That is why itself, the number of specifies, who download BIM objects from the library, is increasing day to day. Let us check how NBS National BIM library will benefit for construction professionals.

BIM libraryQuality of information

As BIM objects are authored to NBS standard and they have high quality, relevant and valued information, they can match the needs of customers. NBS derive the information based on your product data sheets and other technical information. BIM objects that contain industry-leading properties also include relevant environmental and other performance data. The information available here forms the core of the BIM content.

BIM libraryIncrease your exposure

Your BIM objects will be connected to your subscription to other RIBA Insight products and it generated additional exposure to a wider audience.

BIM libraryIntegration with the website

It is the unique specialty of NBS National BIM library that your BIM objects can be made available on your own website too. As you can embed your live BIM objects with your own web pages, any update of your objects on national bim library’s website will automatically come on your website too.

BIM libraryProject timeline

NBS National BIM Library offers free-to-use generic objects to the designers and it can be used at the very beginning of a design project.  When the project develops, these designers replace the generic objects with bespoke manufacturer objects that mean your objects. Moreover, the consistent approach that is adopted by your object properties enables collaboration and information flow across project timelines. Thus, National BIM Library supports the designers throughout the project timeline and maximizes the relationship with them for your potential to be selected.

BIM libraryMaximum exposure and reach

NBS can give maximum exposure for your BIM objects and help reach your target market. It places your objects directly at the fingertips of the designers at the point of specification. It has unique marketing tools including social media and e-newsletters to promote your objects.

BIM libraryDirect connectivity with design tools

As the dedicated team of in-house developers at NBS and the key systems vendors are in close relationship, the objects have direct connectivity with the important BIM design tools, which are used by construction industry professionals.

BIM libraryIntegration into the UK’s standard specification system

National BIM Library has a unique position to integrate BIM objects directly into project specifications. As NBS objects include NBS specification references that link to NBS specifications, it can maximize the sales potential for clients.

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