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BIM 5d services vs. Traditional Estimating | RMI

BIM 5d services

Comparison between BIM 5d services vs. Traditional Estimating

There are many estimators and quantity surveyors in the field who have a fear the BIM may replace them. But the fact is that it is quite opposite. On the other hand, BIM 5D services actually helps them focus on applying their wisdom and intelligence to a project than spending major portion of their time on calculation of quantity.

“5d in BIM workflow is the engagement of cost data which is even known as adding a fifth dimension to a project or information set.”

Hence it is represented by the term ‘5D BIM’. Design development at earlier stage and options testing prior to entering the detailed design phase as well as complete collaboration of project team including the cost planners and the specialist supply chain right from the beginning is necessary to work successfully in BIM environment and to realize the true value from the process.

The cost estimators cannot work isolated to provide cost advice or take-off quantities for a project in a 5d BIM estimating. But, they participate in data exchange from the first day. Despite of watching from the side-lines, they have to be a part of the team. Automated quantities generation, by BIM, provides a faster and more accurate tool that helps analyze data and give better advice. As a result real-time options modeling and facilities scenario testing are enabled, which will improve the design, efficiency, performance and cost of the building.

So, instead of replacing the estimators, 5d bim modeling actually helps them for better collaboration with project teams. It enables them to explore opportunities and eliminate risk. Therefore, they can focus on customer’s need more efficiently. The output of all these is a higher quality built asset that really supports the business.

Even though 5D BIM enhances cost estimation, there are some challenges that are used by estimators as an excuse not to adopt it. Incomplete model with missing information is one of them. If the poor model information is issued in the earlier stage, accurate take-off tools cannot be applied. Even though estimators experience problems in BIM environment, they can spot them easily and quickly. BIM can improve the quality of information released. Therefore, adopting BIM in cost estimation will surely be a great step in the right direction, even though it takes time to get used to this more exposed way of working.

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