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BIM Cloud Collaboration

BIM Cloud collaboration allows you to:

Merge multiple model files and work-sets from different project partners and different design tools into one central model.

BIM cloud collaboration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around 30 years and stands as a hot topic being backed up with increasing numbers of adopters. Even though BIM works excellently at smaller scale firms that do not require extensive work sharing, it may be a bottleneck for larger teams where simultaneous access to projects from various locations is essential. Here comes the importance of collaboration of BIM via Cloud. BIM with the advantages of the Cloud provides a scalable solution for teams and projects of any size.

We all know that BIM is a process which with the help of software enables 3D modeling, which is increasingly necessary. But, now this building technology overcomes its geographical barriers to with a plan of collaborating with Cloud.  The combination of BIM and Cloud connects a large number of computers or devices through a real-time communication and thus give the firms a serious competitive edge. It helps bring different professionals together early on in a design project. They can detect the clashes early, balance the design priorities and ultimately save time and cost of a project by sharing the BIM model over the cloud.

Let us have a brief look on the benefits of cloud collaboration in BIM

  • As BIM in cloud can work on any network, VPN connection is required. Instead what you need is standard HTTP access to internet.
  • It enables to connect the project members in real time from any corner of the world. Network potential is not a problem for BIM in cloud.
  • You do not need any expensive server-grade hardware or software to run the BIM with cloud, as it functions on standard hardware.
  • BIM collaborating with Cloud can be operated on any level of data security and is easily deployed in public and private cloud environment.
  • This advanced technology helps the corporate environment by allowing IT personnel to manage users and data access.
  • While BIM touches model design and viewing, the cloud impacts data storage, sharing and networking.
  • BIM collaboration with Cloud enables overlap information that comes from all disciplines and to compare in 3D, which helps project team to work together in order to bring an integrated solution.

BIM in the cloud enables multiple design and construction teams improve project outputs, as it moves computation-intensive tasks to the cloud. Though adoption may be slow, many firms are continuing to increase their investment in virtual data, BIM and the cloud. As BIM collaboration via cloud can resolve issues and conflicts in a digital environment rather than in the field, the requests for information and construction change orders are reduced to minimum resulting a higher quality project.

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