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BIM collaboration is one of BIM’s success – Revit Modeling India

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BIM Collaboration – A Way to BIM Success

Collaboration is defined as: “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” This is two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. The activities can be done together or separately, but the separation between the two is usually dynamic in nature. This means the exchange of information takes place on a regular basis in order to know the real-time effects of the work on each particular subgroup.

BIM collaboration is one of BIM’s successful feature, which allows all BIM disciplines to collaborate and work together. While execution of any BIM project, the BIM design team is forced to come together and work much closer than ever before. This at the end benefits the project and executes it with complete perfection.

It has been noticed that many professionals in the AEC industry do not succeed in collaborating during the design and construction process. When one silo fails to participate in the process, it creates a blockage in the pipeline and things can get sideways quickly.

BIM Collaboration a critical Ingredients to a successful BIM Project:

• Utilize BIM as earlier as possible in the design process:
• The greatest opportunity of savings occurs when the model is created as a part of the original design process.
• Use BIM for collaboration between all parties involved in the design and construction process including the subcontractor and supplier levels.
• Continue updating the model throughout the shop drawing and construction phase.

Ensure that A/E, Contractor and subcontractor Agreements are clear about the scope of BIM to be utilized on the project:

• Contract language should clearly define the scope that is expected of each party involved.
• The owner should clearly define the extent and level of detail to which the model will be detailed; following industry standards.
• Create a BIM execution plan defining the roles and responsibilities of each party throughout the design, construction and record document process.

Ensure “Buy In” and use of model by all level of project team.

• Require model to be submitted for Shop drawing review.
• Conduct job sites BIM coordination meetings regularly during the construction phase with all parties in attendance.
• Provide real time access to model on construction site.

In a more formal way, through all the right BIM ingredients Revit Modeling India is able to give early advice to the contractors, clients and design teams we work with, to enable them to understand how BIM can work for them, and how they can win BIM projects alongside us. If you have any questions, feel free to Speak to Our BIM Experts.

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