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BIM Design Process

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The success of today’s construction projects depend on a high level of collaboration between the design term, the project construction team and the owner. It is critical to have the right information at the right time in order to resolve design and coordination issues before they become expensive and unnecessary changes in construction.

Building Information Modeling is about working smarter to design and construct any building projects. Revit Modeling India uses BIM to simulate the real-world building process. Our professional team of experienced and well talented designers and engineers is able to make better decisions in design, system and construction flow of your project. With our efficient approach, you can save your time and money eliminating waste and rework in the building process.

Advantages of BIM design process

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a design process where the project is modeled in 3D. The process begins with the creation of a base model for the project engineers to design from by the architect. Each engineer creates a unified building plan incorporating their model with the architect’s base model. Coordination of the design models helps identify inherit design flaws and special problems easily that will make the owner able to save valuable time in rework and precious money with fewer change orders.

  • In a 3D world BIM acts as glue that can hold design and construction together.
  • It uses a virtual model for logistics planning, visualizations, construct ability analysis, clash detection and more. With these visualizations, the project team can communicate design intent in 3D, than a flat 2D plan.
  • It can also resolve coordination issues with complex electrical, mechanical, structural and plumbing systems.

If you approach Revit Modeling India for your BIM requirements, you can realize how well we use BIM for decision-making, construction planning, predicting performance, the production of high-quality construction documents and cost-estimating.

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