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BIM for General Contractors

bim for general contractors

Uses of BIM for General Contractors!

Adoption and use of building information modeling has increased in a large margin in the last six years. The profile of BIM users has also seen a significant shift in the last years. Now, contractors are one of the leading users of BIM. General contractors are the main contractors of a project and the responsibility of delivering the project on time to the owners within set deadline is ultimately up to general contractors. They are also responsible for the successful execution and completion of the project. Therefore, irrespective of the complications involved in the project, general contractors have to take the responsibility of managing the entire process.

In most cases, general contractors have to communicate important information between the design development teams of various disciplines and clarify if they have any doubts. As they are accountable for the increasing and decreasing of the productivity of the project, they should have knowledge of correct cost estimates. Moreover, they also have to solve the risks of rework and late project deliveries.

In such situations, 3D, 4D and 5D BIM models will help contractors immensely. We can create construction schedules using 4D BIM to manage on site construction activities. It helps see a project’s progress and make changes, if necessary. General contractors can provide essential materials and equipment required by construction professionals to perform day to day construction activities by referring construction schedules.

BIM for general contractors offers an early visualization of the final building “product” and gives more realistic expectations of the design. As it provides benefits in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire (MEPF), contractors can coordinate their work during the design phase.

Cost estimates are really important for managing the expenses and accurate cost estimation helps reduce wastage.  5D BIM models help in the extraction of cost estimates and it becomes indispensable for general contractors. Using BIM services, the contractors can calculate the exact amount and type of materials required for the construction. Thus contractors can help the owners save their precious time and money by ensuring correct materials in the field at the proper phase of the project.

In short, if general contractors are ready to spend reviewing BIM information before construction, they can save at least 10 hours in the field. If any issue arises in a design, BIM enables general contractors save up to 40 hours of meetings and downtime required to solve the issue.

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