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BIM Trending Hashtag – #UKBIMCREW



In our previous articles, we have been talking about how BIM can be of help to users, what are the benefits of using BIM, how can you implement BIM, the procedures, the techniques, ROI’s from BIM Etc… Etc… Etc…

But what we missed out talking about was the Real Trending Topic of the Industry.

I know we are a bit late and many of you would be already aware of the socially trending topic of #UKBIMCREW on twitter… But for my #BIM industry colleagues, who might have missed out the league, keeping themselves occupied into other stuff, just as me… Here is some interesting piece of information about an Incredible Group of BIM Professionals, who started collaborating initially through a social platform and begun organizing get-together s at the pubs in London and at conferences where many of them are in attendance.

Wondering what is #UKBIMCrew?

It’s a Hashtag!!!


#UKBIMCrew is a hashtag used by BIM fellows in UK for discussing BIM relevant topics on twitter. It was even used as a keyword to search about latest BIM happenings in the country.

How did #UKBIMCREW started?


The #UKBIMCREW was first used by UK attendees at the 2012 AutoDesk University Conference in Vegas, wherein a lot of US BIM professionals were attending and the hashtag helped the UK Professionals to find each other easily and communicate.

Surprisingly the ones who initially started up conversing on BIM were the ones who were behind the government for BIM. Along with the isolate d’s, many BIM fanatics even joined the conversation and contributed in the popularity of the Hashtag.

After the conference was over the BIM enthusiast still continued using this Hashtag. Here are the reports of Reach of #UKBIMCREW in 2013 and current reach status, which shows a constant rise in the reach.

#UKBIMCREW for Crowd Funding:

ukbimcrew for crash

Further In 2013, London Construction Industry Dragon Boat Challenge teamed up to 40 crews to battle it out over 200m race course. The aim of this friendly competitions was to raise money for “CRASH”, a construction and property industry’s charity foundation for Homeless.

Reach Report of #UKBIMCREW Tweets in 2013 Vs. 2015

Since 2013 hashtag #UKBIMCREW has collaborated many BIM Experts not restricting just to UK now, but the global audience has even started joining in. With the US and other global colleagues trending in, the initiators have also started tweaking on #GlobalBIMCREW.

A comparison of reach of #UKBIMCREW, could be seen in the below Images, illustrating a constant growth in Reach from 7,532 in 2013 to somewhere around 240,000 in 2015.

A huge impact on the No. of Impression growth is even noticeable from the below comparison, which was initially recorded as 19,868, which in 2015 is marked as more than 450,000 and above.


ukbimcrew tweet reach 2013


ukbimcrew reach 2015

Unique Identity of #UKBIMCREW:

The enthusiasm among the UK BIM Crew members could be noticed through the Twibbons on their profile pictures.

UKbimcrew twibbon

The UK BIM CREW Twibbons, were initially started by a BIM Influencer Casey Rutland – Architect and Associate Director at Arup Associates. It was implement as part of strategy to differentiate the UK BIM Crew members from the other Global colleagues, using #UKBIMCREW tag to communicate with UK BIM Crew members.

Interestingly an Amazing Idea!!!

Who are these UK BIM CREW Members???

UKBIM Wikia listed out some names of UK BIM CREW. I have added the list them once again over here for the reference of our visitors who wish to follow these BIM Experts and be a part of this amazingly interesting Hashtag campaign of #UKBIMCREW 


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