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How BIM Implementation helps in reducing construction waste | BIM Modeling India

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BIM Implementation for waste reduction on construction sites

Even though AEC firms started using BIM ears ago, they are still researching to increase the effectiveness of BIM tools and workflows. One major current area of their focus is how to reduce waste in the BIM implementation process.

Tribal Knowledge

Many large AEC firms assign specific roles to specific staff like design specialists, production experts and construction administration specialists etc. to operate their BIM-driven projects. But, the problem of this method is that the design team loses a bit of its “tribal knowledge” at each transition, when certain staff members exit the project and others enter. The team should keep the consistency throughout the design and documentation phases for appropriate BIM Implementation.

BIM coordination meetings

BIM team gets the benefits of true BIM tools, only when they run efficient and productive coordination meetings.  The firms should try to keep the meetings focused on small components of the project by including those, who are directly involved in that component. Each meeting should be based on the open action items and homework from the previous meeting. So meeting notes should be used to stay focused.

Avoidance of double modeling

Even though all high-tech design and sketching tools are available, a pen-and-paper approach is working with clients on early design concepts. Generally firms use much of their valuable resources to create complex 3D conceptual models. But, they have to be recreated in a BIM environment. Firms can use clay and digital sketch models early n to refine and develop ideas and they can be modeled in BIM for the client one time.

Process mapping

AEC professionals usually have “rush to model” mentality, which means to jump right in and start building the model. But it will result in waste and inefficiencies. Therefore, use of process-mapping techniques are recommended, as it helps identify the decisions need to be made during the design process.

Management of BIM file-size

A central BIM model can act as a single repository for all project information. However, if the model is pretty big, it will take more time to load during virtual coordination meetings. The best idea for managing the file size is to split the model into chunks. Team can think of logical pieces to keep as separate models.

Companywide BIM standard

As new innovations and changes are occurring rapidly in the BIM/VCD software industry AEC firms are advised to designate an in-house power user to update and maintain the BIM/VDC standard of the company.

Simple BIM execution plan

A simple and straightforward BIM execution plan, which included everything from schedule and roles to model sharing and level of development, is absolutely worth the effort. It helps the team to stray from the original BIM execution plan, when the thick of a large, multi-layer project is considered.

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  1. Building information modeling makes the entire construction process safer. It puts clients at ease because it next-to-guarantees that the final product will be quality. It can be used to help save the planet. It provides safety to the construction firm because it reduces the chance of project mis-management, and the process creates a safer work environment for construction workers.

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