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BIM Leads to Smart Project Management

BIM leads to Smart Project Management

This is the age of smart project management and many tools and methodologies are widely used to embrace it. People mainly focus on such strategies that can be applied from inception to completion of a project and are also applicable to long term work. BIM is an example for such strategy and so it is widely adopted in construction industry by the design team. BIM fulfills the different purposes of various types of construction project.

BIM can be used at each and every stages of a construction project and it gives significant contributions in the fundamental areas of the project, if implemented properly. Even though the prime application of BIM is related to the design process of a project, it can offer huge profitable benefits in the project management in the long run. But, to get its maximum output, the users should know about the possibilities of BIM and should have an idea about the main areas where the construction company gets maximum benefits out of BIM. BIM has significant role in minimizing the wastage, reducing the costs and saving time on planning and construction itself.

As BIM can address some key issues appropriately, the construction team can profit from its utilization. Here describes some important areas where BIM leads to smart project management.

Time: You can experience significant quantity of time is saved for planning and for the actual project construction, if you use BIM. This technology makes scheduling the various areas of work and the viewing the actual progress easier. As BIM enables to create 3D visual of the construction project, we can easily understand the work progress at each stage. It also gives a clear picture about the estimated time required for the completion of the project. Frequent interruptions may create delay in the construction work and it can be reduced considerably with the help of BIM.

Cost estimation: If cost estimation was an assumption based process once, the arrival of BIM makes estimation accurate, whether it is quantity of materials, manpower or money required for the construction. BIM provides more efficient process for tracking expenses and the costs involved in a project. Using the model, we can easily analyze the areas where the expenses are higher and the methods to reduce the excessive costs.

Designing with BIM: The decision makers can understand the construction project clearly and easily by using the BIM models created by the design team. As a result, they can easily face certain key questions and find out faster answers with the visual 3D design.

Procurement: the 3D design provided by BIM also helps procurement team and supervisors. They can clearly asses the exact requirement and the time frame for procurement. It also informs them about the urgent requirements and the time gap between the next orders.

Reduce wastage and losses: The design, which is not understood and communicated properly, may ends in miscalculation of the materials, time and cost. It results in wastage and finally loss. The 3D BIM can reduce the wastage, the construction companies can cut back significantly on losses.


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