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BIM MANAGER: Cornerstone of any BIM project

BIM manager

One of the biggest facts that cannot be denied is, it’s always fun to be in construction business today. The quality of projects is improvising and material, design and sustainability are growing with them. With the changing needs of technology BIM software is making a lot of massive projects doable which are ranging from construction quality take off to 3D visualisation.

There is numerous advantage of being BIM manager as well. This gives you a chance to carve out strategies with the help of your firm and also help with the tools required to win business and execute strategies. Here we have tried and listed a few important characteristics of the BIM manager.

  • The BIM manager should be aware that BIM has nothing to do with laptop configuration and graphic cards. It is important for them to learn to communicate, present and above everything else listen to the questions. Being the most important member of the presentation team it is always a privilege to represent your company, so do not keep the future of company at stake
  • Speaking of the strategies, BIM manager has to craft the mission statements and present it to the company and his team. With the changing needs of technology even the strategies and mission statements would change. Being the person in-charge the BIM manager has to take care that they are communicated on right time. Though with every change in technology would not bring about the changes in BIM, thus as the manager you need to consider the facts and take decisions accordingly.
  • The BIM manager is expected to know the pulse of the owners in the area and also about the quality and type of deliverables they expect. One of the major characteristic of the BIM manager is to know how to balance the output and manage deliverables to make sure relationship bound strengthens. It is expected of the BIM manager to display the fact that the project is being worked as per requirements and is scheduled to finish on time.
  • Another fact that BIM manager needs to understand while keeping his ego aside is, he needs to respect elders. The people with more experience in the field are always of great help and thus BIM manager needs to learn from their experiences to excel.
  • Knowing the fact you get your models from architects, subs and engineers with all of them with different level of details, BIM manager should research Model Progression Specifications and also develop the plan to coordinate and work with all of them together, taking the benefit of their skills.

BIM manager acts as a cornerstone for any project, entitling him responsible for the success or failure of a project.

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