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BIM modeling benefits in Design, Construction and Management | RMI

bim modeling benefits

BIM modeling benefits in Design, Construction and Management!!!

BIM modeling benefits in Design phase:

The scope, schedule and cost are the three important variables of a project. If anything of them has any change, it may lead to waste of time and money and it will make crack in the relationship between clients and consultants. Even though the information regarding design and geometry is easily accessible using traditional method, it sometimes fails to give information of cost and scheduling because it needs more time and effort to create. But, Building information modeling helps get this critical information easily and suddenly. Therefore the team members do not have to wait for long to take decisions regarding the project. Moreover, the project team can make necessary changes at any stages of the design or documentation process.

Moreover, BIM helps do all the building design and documentation work concurrently, not serially. Therefore, the design team can make changes whenever necessary and these changes will be automatically coordinated throughout the project. So, we don’t have to be worried about the mistakes that may happen in coordination. In short, Building Information Modeling speeds up the design process with less time and effort for visualizations.

Benefits of Building Information Modeling in the Construction phase:

With the help of building information modeling, concurrent information on building quality, schedule and cost becomes available during construction stage of a building project. It helps the builder for estimation and value-engineering purposes. It also facilitates production of updated estimates. Using building information modeling construction of a project can be planned efficiently. The builder can easily understand and study about the proposed or purchased products. It also enables the builder to prepare plans of site use and renovation phasing for the owner. The most important BIM modeling benefits during construction phase is that it significantly reduces the expense and time on process and administration issues because it ensures higher documents quality and construction planning. In simple sentence, instead of spending on administrative and overhead costs, the owner can utilize his hard earned money on his building.

Benefits of building information modeling in the Management phase:

Information of all elements of a building project such as performance and use of the building, the life of the building over time, occupants and contents of the building, financial elements of the building are available during the management phase of the building life-cycle, with the help of building information modeling. Besides improving planning and management, BIM also keeps a digital record of renovations. The standard building prototypes to site conditions for business like retail can be adapted with the help of BIM. For example, the construction data of similar buildings in various locations is necessary for business like retail.

Building information modeling also helps avail and manage physical information regarding building like tenant, finishes, department assignments or furniture and equipment inventory etc. Different data that are financially important such as leas-able areas, rental income or departmental cost allocations etc. As Building Information Modeling services enables to access these types of information continuously, the building team can improve revenue and cost management during the project life-cycle.

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