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BIM’s Impact on Industry | BIM Modeling India

BIM Modeling

Industry experts suggest that BIM (Building Information Modeling) is having a similar revolutionary impact on the construction industry that AutoCAD bought some years back. AutoCAD substituted the ways construction industry operated and implemented a new technique through eliminating tracers with AutoCAD users. The AutoCAD revolution dramatically increased the quality and speed of drawings produced and aided in increased return on investments.

To Define BIM (Building Information Model), “It is is a set of information that is structured in such a way that the data can be shared. A BIM is a digital model of a building in which information about a project is stored. It can be 3D BIM Modeling, 4D BIM and Scheduling (integrating time) or even 5D Cost Estimation - right up to ‘nD’ (a term that covers any other information). As a receptacle for project information, BIM has massive versatility and potential.” Source: BSI.

While BIM, if implemented properly, is comprising business transformation effect. It is believed that Majority of the companies would implement BIM and it would stroke each staff member in each department of that company. The information sharing through BIM would have profound impact on your company, the projects that you work on and your clients as well.

BIM Modeling enables designs to be changed quickly and easily, meaning in real terms that the delivered project is more likely to be task efficient and therefore better energy savings and paybacks can be achieved. Careful design in BIM can also show long term planned costs such as replacement of consumables, lifetime of furniture, fittings and equipment etc.
Apart from that there is strong influence of government for implementing BIM, especially in UK. In UK the government is pushing BIM to be the whole of the construction industry from its heart at present. This has led to an adoption of BIM by many companies and major constructors.

BIM gives us is the option to take a new glance over things that we do in routine, and the power to change it when ever needed for its betterment. BIM therefore enables us to change for generating profits.

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