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BIM Partnership

BIM Partnership

BIM Partnership :

Building Information Modeling and Partnership Model

BIM in itself is not a solution for all problems related to construction. However, the changes required to make BIM successful can guarantee better construction, better buildings and a better environment. Partnership of people, process and technology are essential for successful implementation of BIM, as it helps project teams understand and appreciate each other’s roles as professionals

We can say that Building Information Modeling “BIM” is becoming a better known established collaboration process in the construction industry. Those who require BIM services are everybody engaged in construction industry including construction managers, architects and engineering firms.  Several construction firms are now investing in BIM technologies during bidding, pre-construction, construction and post construction.

Why BIM Partnership for a collaborative work?

The construction industry has faced a gradual decrease in its labor productivity in the early 1960s. It indicates that the construction industry is lacking the development for labor saving ideas that result in more labor hours. The main cause of lack of labor productivity in the construction industry is its fragmented nature due to traditional project delivery approach and traditional use of 2D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

As a result of traditional construction project delivery approach, the roles of participants are fragmented during design and construction phases. In short, it obstructs the collaborative involvement of the general contractor or the construction manager during the design phase of the project. The traditional 2D CAD drawings cannot promote a true collaborative approach. As the architects and engineers produce their own fragmented CAD documents, these drawings are not able to be integrated. Moreover, the 2D CAD approach cannot promote integration of the drawings with schedule and cost.

Benefits of BIM partnership work:

Construction Industry has come to a point to realize the true advantages of technological advancement through Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM concept can close the labor efficiency gap. BIM can provide consistent and coordinated views and representations of the digital model including a dependable data for each view. As each view is coordinated through the built-in intelligence of the model, designers can save a lot of time. Building Information Modeling is a platform to share knowledge and communicate between project participants, further building BIM Partnership.

The uses of BIM includes visualization, 3D coordination, prefabrication, construction planning and monitoring, cost estimation and record model. In a more collaborative approach, BIM enables the sharing of the model between the architect, engineer, construction manager and sub contractors.

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    My name is Nannette and I’m from old school cad design and board drafting I would like to learn more about BIM, Can you send me more information about classes or free training?


    Nannette Taylor

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