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BIM Services – The DNA of Future Construction

BIM Modeling

BIM Services – DNA of Future Construction

Do you find your office folders jam-packed with specifications even before the planning process on your project is started? Do you want to solve the quarrels between the contractors because of the multiplication of 2D drawing sets? Are you forced to re-order additional skips onto site due to the amount of wasted materials? Do you have to spend hours for redrawing and printing planning sets to make minor changes or a detail to a building? Most importantly, do you want to deliver an accurate and in depth energy analysis of the building to your clients. If yes, it is high time for you to adopt building information modeling (BIM) technology.

BIM will really lead to a more collaborative way of working across the industry and therefore, we with no doubt can say that it is the DNA of future construction. It helps record all physical and functional information and characteristics of a building digitally from the earliest stages through design and construction. It can be used as a manual for the operational life of a structure. The shared knowledge throughout by BIM will help decision-making and make all process drastically time efficient.

BIM, more than just a software, it is about process and changing mindsets on how to acquire, construct and transfer information from one stage to the next. As construction industry requires the involvement of many people in different stages including, designing, building and delivering projects, there are possibilities to lose information groups of people. Moreover, starting from scratch to retrieve some pieces of data, it is expensive and time consuming.  BIM services really can be a solution to all these problems.

As a vital information model, BIM can be developed continuously, when a new team takes control of a project. The more extensive information provided by BIM services can help simplify more complex structures. As the information is created collaboratively, all involved get a head start with no resourcing or backtracking. BIM services can offer a wider scope of digital information at an earlier stage of development that cannot be possible by traditional plans and two dimensional drawings. It records and tags everything including spatial relationships, geographic information, light analysis and quantities and properties of building components.

The 3D BIM modeling and analysis with the helps of BIM services is not only beneficial to present scheme structures, but it also aids the long term care of a building. It helps the owners save a lot of time and money, which is very valuable advantage in construction industry

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