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BIM Services Help Architects and Designers Visualize Buildings

BIM Services

BIM Services for Architects and Designers!!

BIM is nowadays a common term that is used in construction projects. The benefit of using BIM services is now clear even to small construction industries. It greatly enhances the functional, technical and economic performance of future housing. As BIM is a powerful computer-based tool, architects, engineers and builders employ it to design houses, townhouses, apartment buildings or any other kinds of construction, no matter how complex.

BIM, more than a technology, is a process that applies to all aspects of the construction of a building from design, the supply chain, the delivery of goods during the build, the resource allocation, the estimating, the build process, the productivity requirements to meet targets.

BIM services enables designers to create, visualize and modify digital models of possible building designs.

Designers can represent a design with as little or as much detail as required. Design using BIM services shows any or all of a building’s many components and systems. Using BIM, the designers can edit a model instantly and study unlimited numbers of variations.

Parametric Modeling, the key principle of BIM, is most advantageous to designers. It essentially means that everything in the model is connected to everything else. BIM enables the designers to twist a building’s geometry, roof shape or slope, floor plan and room configurations, fenestration patterns or door placements and wall thickness or ceiling heights. The computer software can immediately adjust and display the entire digital model with each change in the design.  For example, if you move the location of a wall, the elements attached to the wall also move.

There is no doubt that it is the aesthetic talent and creativity of the designers in the team not the BIM that determines the architectural quality of a building. However, BIM services helps a strong team to make good architecture even better.

All these characteristics of BIM can provide a perfect virtual picture of a building even before the construction starts. The architects and designers can visualize the building before construction and it enables them to make any necessary changes in conceptual stage itself. As a result they can avoid making changes on site that may lead to waste of time, labour, materials and money. With the help of BIM services, architects, engineers and builders can act together as a team from outset of design by working much more collaboratively and provide an efficient, productive and reliable collaborative design process.

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