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Challenges of BIM for Existing Buildings | RMI

bim for existing buildings

BIM for Existing Buildings

Building Information Modeling is widely used for new building. But, construction industry is not yet much aware about its advantages on existing buildings. BIM can be very useful for maintaining, refurbishing and deconstruction the existing buildings. Nowadays, many researches are done to overcome the problems of building condition and deficient documentation happened in existing buildings, as it offers valuable benefits of efficient resource management.

It is agreed by the construction industry that the convincing images of point cloud surveys are able to make great records of condition. You can get sight of any bit with a laser scanner. These surveys function as a basis for creating geometric models of buildings. The advantages of this type of survey are unquestionable. It ensures accurate geometric information. As a result of such surveys, we are able to refer back to the point could for more detail later. Moreover, it reduces the need of site visits significantly.

The information about the performance, specification and life-cycle as well as other properties of the windows, walls, door and other systems in the building can make an existing model much strategically useful. But, the scanners cannot record them. But, as a result of rapid developments in BIM research, the stakeholders demand BIM Implementation and research in existing building too.

Challenges of BIM for Existing Buildings

  • BIM helps convert captured building data into semantic BIM objects
  • BIM updates information.
  • It handles uncertain data, objects and relations in existing buildings.

By adapting BIM to existing building’s requirements, challenging opportunities arise along with fast developments and spreading standards. The models of new buildings are populated with manufacturer’s product details. But, there are many elements, which are hundred years of old in existing buildings. Some historic buildings have elements of unknown origin. Therefore, the model details should be populated from scratch.

The US General Service Administration has made it compulsory to use scanning on every federal facility. Many universities in the UK and US create digital models of their existing buildings and they are used for facility management purposes. Using BIM for existing buildings will enhance the safety, accuracy, emergency response and work order efficiency. In short, BIM has a significant role in the future of the buildings of the past.

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