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trends in bim

BIM has promised many actions for the year 2017. Here are some impending trends in BIM industry for the upcoming years:

  1. BIM ought to become smarter:

While the world is moving towards Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), Cognitive era surrounding industry and Digitization: Architecture, construction and engineering will develop at a large pace. The industry is visioning smart VR, BIM, AR, Drone IoT, smart equipment and many other technologies for rapid development.

  1. Companies pay to make dent:

Number of Chinese companies like Glodon and ZE CAD are planning to     make a dent into AutoCAD which is quite expensive. Bentley is about to make a splash in Infrastructure in Asia and Autodesk to face a lot pressure from resellers. With the internal team not prepared for the sales at the lowest level, the market may see rebound towards traditional sales in case of many including AutoDesk.

  1. Africa and Asia plan to take a lead, North America and Europe plan to consolidate in Point Cloud:

UK, North America and Europe plans modernisation of the building with Point cloud, Build, Drone survey and many more. Africa and Asia with the coming of new hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes are planning to lead in the new construction on BIM.

  1. BIM maybe mandated by BRICS in years to come:

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are planning to move together towards making BIM mandatory for the projects. As the projects suffer delays and management issues, BIM would be a great support in foresight, planning and ownership which is required in the AEC sectors.

  1. FM plans a splash through fund house:

Japanese, Canadian, US pension fund and fund houses are planning to make a huge pitch for their money. Blackstone with others will make sure that all the FM tools are valued and also the properties are managed with control over all of their assets.

What is not about to happen:

  1. Privacy will  not be curtailed
  2. The prices in regards to services are not planned to be reduced further.
  3. Though the plan of selling out Captive BIM outsourcing centre stays in the list, but dates are not planned yet.
  4. AutoDesk will remain the leader but they may see some reduction in the market share of AutoDesk due to the rivals like Tekla, Bentley etc.

There is still a lot which the market is supposed to witness in coming future. But let the future speak for it!!!

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