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Level of Development (LOD) for BIM Execution Plan


LoD SpecificationsLevel of Development (LOD) Specification

The level of Development Specification is a reference, which enables practitioners in the AEC Industry. It specifies and articulates the content and reliability of Building Information Models (BIM) with a level of high level of clarity at different stages in the design and construction process.  With Level of Development, model authors can define what their models can be relied on for. It also helps downstream users to clearly understand the usability and the limitations of models they are using.

What is Level of Development?

Level of Development (LOD) is a measure of how seriously you take the information represented by a BIM element. Don’t misunderstand that it is a measure of the amount of information or the amount of accuracy of geographical information. The aim of an LoD table is that it tells others what information they can use. We can also say that LoD is a measure of the certainty or confidence of that information.

Benefits of Level of Development Specification

The aim of Level of Development Specification is to describe the LOD framework and standardize its use. Therefore it becomes more useful as a communication tool. It may not prescribe what level of Development should be reached at what point in a project. But at the same time, it leaves the specification of the model progression to the user of this document. The primary objectives of Level of Development Specification are described here that helps you accomplish the document’s intent.

  • LOD help teams, including owners, specify BIM deliverable and to get a clear idea of what will be included in a BIM deliverable.
  • With the help of Level of Development Specification design managers are able to explain to their team members the information and detail that should be provided at different points in the design process.
  • Level of Development Specification provides contractors and BIM execution plans a standard for reference.

You have to note that Level of Development Specification does not replace a project BIM execution Plan (BIMXP). But, it can be used in conjunction with such a plan, providing a means for specific information exchanges, deliverable for specific functions and milestones in a design work plan. In short, Level of Development Specification facilitates and accelerates the adoption of building information modeling in the AEC industry. LoD specification provides clear language for describing, communicating and agreeing on a progression and quality of a model, which is specific for a particular project.

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