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Returns on BIM

The BIM Manger’s are meant to escort the organisation to the roads to success by assisting it in regards to the benefits it may generate with BIM. It is very important for them to locate the opportunities where BIM can be useful in streamlining the processes in the organisation. Even BIM outputs can be extended to clients or contractors and can be used to increase the benefits from the business unit.

It is mandatory that the BIM manager has vital understanding of the efforts which may be required to institute at different levels of a project for higher returns on BIM. The BIM managers are expected to put the prices next to every nonstandard BIM output which the organisation can offer. This is required so that the fees and efforts required can be communicated to the decision making team in the organisation. This helps the leaders to take informed judgements in regards to services which are being offered in-house and to the clients while negotiating the contract.

One of the weaknesses which had been marked in relation to BIM managers is that, they limit themselves their necessity on floor, while they overlook their value to the business and utmost to the client. A few of the common example for value adding output options are:

  • Surpassing evaluation during the massing studies
  • Precise animation and 3D walkover of the project
  • Presenting via animation the construction sequence and progress
  • Giving an access to the 3D model which can be navigated by client using web browser with ease
  • For supporting the review by the client taking the interactive models to the next level of mixed reality oculus rift context
  • Generalising the routine for evaluating the quantity, preparing the summary and taking feedback
  • Customising the routine in order to interrogate the model, to check all rules have been complied with
  • Routine for evaluating spatial syntax
  • 3D printout of the designs or their parts
  • Capturing data for interacting with O&M manuals
  • Data Capturing for management of space
  • Data capturing to compare with evaluation conducted post occupancy
  • Capturing of data for establishing interaction with the business automation system

The studies which had been recently conducted by the authors have highlighted the perceived changes in regards to the level of efforts which BIM presents to the high profile engineering and architectural practices. The results proved there are vital discrepancies in relation to level of efforts to produce BIM related work which is meant to serve the purpose. Also defects have been marked in regards to BIM related work which is meant to benefit the downstream parties like the clients and sub contractors.

The links for construction BIMs, design BIMs and to FM needs an active involvement of the contractors, particularly sub contractors. Thus they were utilised by most of them to extend time in the delivery process which was experienced while CAD was used. On the other hand other processes benefited themselves by introducing BIM in the project, especially for 2D document generation, visualisation and output of the schedules.

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