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Structural Services

Revit Modeling India provides you high quality and flexible BIM structural services that you can customize according to your Revit Modeling India provides you high quality and flexible Revit structural services that you can customize according to your demands and budget. We are proud to say that several years of experience in this sector makes us able to establish our links all over the world. Our experienced and highly skilled staff including structural Revit Engineers, Revit Modelers and Revit Structures drafters can provide quality as well as cost effective BIM modeling structural services to various types of customers including structural engineers, builders, contractors, erectors, fabricators, architects and other personnel to construction.

Our expert team, who is trained on BIM software like Tekla, Revit Structure and Navisworks, can execute structural building 3D modelling projects with intricate level of detailing complexities.

You can expect the following BIM structural services from Revit Modelling India.

  • Structural BIM beam design
  • Structural BIM truss design
  • Steel structure BIM design
  • Rebar detailing services
  • Fabrication/shop drawings
  • Structural BIM steel detailing services
  • Revit structural services

We construct BIM 3D and 4D models, construct documentation, extract structural BIM components and create BIM families of diverse components. The major benefits of our works include enhanced coordination between different teams in project and a very detailed analysis of structure. As we can identify the problems and possible risks at earlier stages itself, the customers get better results in less time. And the most positive fact is that you will get budget friendly solutions to all your needs and demands in a fixed time here.

The structural services of Revit Modeling India include mainly structural BIM drawings consisting of all drawings that describe the structural parts of the building and their connection to each other. We provide foundation plans, wall sections, framing plans and details, smoking zone and fire safety details, column and beam details and all other essential components of the building structure in our structural BIM drawings. The customers get clear and requisite information on floor, roof, seismic, wind from this drawings. It clearly notes the soil pressure, pile bearing capacity and stresses of all materials that are allowable in a particular building.

In short, if you are too busy with your works to concentrate much on the construction work of your home or business complex, just contact Revit Modeling India, you will find solutions to all your problems and makes your dream real.