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Strengthening BIM Community

BIM community

Strengthening the World’s BIM Community

The construction industry is very complex, rife and fragmented with several problems like standing time, delay, rework, poor communication, material waste, conflict and over budget. All these problems that are compounded by the global slowdown should be addressed as sustainability issues. The biggest challenge in construction industry is to encourage continued investment in tackling these issues. Reducing investment risk by producing more at a lower cost is the only way to restore investor confidence. We have to eliminate waste and improve overall productivity across the construction process to achieve this.

As building Information Modeling (BIM) process and technologies is very successful in solving these issues, it has been developed with these problems in mind. BIM, which is a business process supported by technology, it itself is optimized by deploying the process.

“The BIM use technology in collaboration, if the conventional methods use technology in isolation.”

When BIM is growing daily, the construction industry is also passing through change and it will lead to a revolution in the industry. Even though the actual level of BIM is increased with adoption, its use is limited to certain areas like quantity take off and coordination of multi-discipline activities at the office. But the use of BIM is surely expanding to other fields like project management and construction sequencing, even though the development is slow and gradually. However, there are sectors in construction industry where the full impact of BIM is yet to reach.

There are a number of initiatives such as BIM forums, BIM associations, BIM task groups, BIM events, BIM communities and BIM conference etc. that have been set up with an aim of providing a better understanding of BIM to the construction industry. All of them help the construction professionals with information sharing and education. Enabling the BIM community to work together by connecting all the BIM stakeholders in a single specialized networking service is the greatest challenge in the construction industry.

Nowadays, several companies start to set up BIM departments and teams or outsource to BIM consultants or providers to promote their business in line with BIM adoption.  The BIM Hub, which is a pioneer in providing online networking services in the construction industry, starts with an aim of empowering the BIM community.

BIM Hub first social platform can bring all the construction industry into a single hub.”

Until the arrival of BIM Hub, connecting with others about BIM was a formidable challenge. But, BIM hub makes everyone in the construction industry able to network and connect, whether they are project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, management operators and consultants.

BIM Hub is the first online website that covered the full spectrum of information, which is required to implement BIM. It provides the best-curate content on BIM to the professionals.

BIM Hub can help people to develop the capacity of people to understand and implement improved policies. With the help of BIM Hub, the construction professionals can develop a better way of working to shape the evolution of BIM.



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