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Top 10 BIM Articles of 2015 | BIM Round Up 2015

Top 10 BIM Articles of 2015

Top 10 BIM Articles of 2015 | BIM Round Up 2015

With most of the countries moving towards BIM Mandating, 2016 is going to be a ground-breaking year for Building information modeling and its followers. Through this post I wish to give you a sneak peek over some important articles and blogs published by industry contributors, leaders, BIM enthusiasts and BIM evangelists.

To start with, I’d like to share an interesting article by “Andrew Cowell” posted in April 2015, on “Water companies need to lead on BIM”. The article was shared on Infrastructure Intelligence conveying “The need for more leadership and engagement in BIM from water companies was highlighted at the recent British Water BIM Conference says MWH engineering director Andrew Cowell”. Read the entire article here “Water companies need to lead on BIM”.

The next amazing article comes from “Dr. Stephan Hamil”, NBS Director of Design and Innovation and NBS Project Lead. I have been a strong follower of Dr. Hamil and content shared by him. Here are some of his observations shared on “Cross-industry support for Level 2 BIM in UK”. The articles highlights, how UK construction industry is supporting industrial peers to achieve BIM Implementation target of 2016 Mandate by Government of UK.

“Peter Fabris” contributed about “NIBS launches effort to develop BIM guideline for owners” at He specifies that “The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) kicked off development of a new guideline to help building owners and design teams use building information modeling (BIM) during design, construction, and operations. The objective is to better support owners’ performance requirements.

Revit Modeling India posted an interesting article on “Challenges of BIM for Existing Buildings”, which yield lots of visitors and industry peers interacting with it. Glimpse “BIM can be very useful for maintaining, refurbishing and deconstruction the existing buildings. Nowadays, many researches are done to overcome the problems of building condition and deficient documentation happened in existing buildings, as it offers valuable benefits of efficient resource management.

Mhmad Bayyari, posted about “BIM for Project Managers–Workflows, Roles and Deliverables” at straight from Hagerman’s Blog. “The adoption of BIM has raised more questions for the decision makers and project management than it has provided answers from pre-BIM workflows. Many assumed that shifting to a 3D design program was just a software change.

While the year ending on 27th of November, 2015 Yoosof Farah released a news at conveying “Most firms ‘unlikely’ to make BIM deadline”. Building’s latest annual BIM survey showed just 32% of firms are using Level 2 on projects, which was five months before the UK Government BIM mandate kicks in.

Project Aquila: Combining BIM and IoT is an amazing example demonstrated by Erin Green on Project Aquila aspires to solve the issue of power consumption with a smart monitoring system for factories and commercial buildings that combines BIM and IoT.

Alister Lewis writes on “#BIMtwitter50”, #BIMtwitter50 was one of the interesting hashtag nominating top BIM Influencers on twitter, by the #BIM Follower of twitter and David Philip won the race of top contributors of BIM on Twitter.

Autodesk brings Building Ops, a mobile facility management software as a convenience to the construction professionals for easy access of drawings and 3D models on mobile. Read more details on Autodesk Building Ops here. stoop up as a useful resource for Construction professionals moving towards BIM adoption. ‘BIM AROUND THE WORLD’ SURVEY RESULTS DUE IN TEESSIDE UNI RESEARCH is another interesting article posted by Stephen Cousins, summing up the survey results.

Apart from these 10 articles, 2015 had new and evolving contributors participating in BIM information sharing and have shared several such posts from general information sharing to tutorials for advanced use of BIM and its tools.

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