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What’s stopping you from adopting BIM Solutions?

Are you limiting your chances of winning an AEC RFP without implementing BIM Solutions?

Today numbers of people are using Building Information Modeling to be successful in their AEC space. The reluctance that had towards BIM solutions in the initial days has now almost faded. Everybody in the AEC industry now understands its importance and identifies its advantages. By recognizing the benefits of adding BIM solutions, many people start to learn this new technology. However, still some facts the AEC firms to stick with 2D design. Even though they missed out many projects only because they haven’t adopted BIM, they fear BIM for some reasons.

There are some internal barriers that slow down the implementation of BIM solutions in many AEC firms. The change in the project management and the requirement of proper training for the conversion are the two major reasons that compel them to think twice about implementing BIM. As the current well organized work flow is tailored around the traditional CAD platforms, it should be changed suitable for BIM technology. Moreover the firms should provide a restructured training to make everyone understand the new concept and the new work flow.

The major problem is the inability to explain the full potential of BIM solutions. Cad managers are responsible for explaining the full potential of the technology. It can be achieved by introducing the database concept and clarifying that drawings, tables and perspectives are the varied ways to look to the same database. The smaller firms can comparatively easily implement BIM than larger firms can. But, in a multi-disciplined environment, the structural and mechanical engineers have to work with the architects in closer relationship than the regular architecture only environment.

There are several issues regarding training too. In case of BIM solutions, training should consider the change in the process along with the new application interface and functionalities. Those, who use BIM application should start thinking about the building more than thinking about drafting.

Even though some barriers have to be faced in the initial stage, Building information modeling technology is converting the workplace in the design firms. Professional architects now realized the benefit of using this new technology. CAD managers in the design firms replace the conventional CAD platforms that were widely used and working toward implementation of BIM solutions packages eventually.

One thought on “What’s stopping you from adopting BIM Solutions?

  1. MEP content is almost nonexistent. It takes a year to 18 months to train someone to be efficient. It takes 3 to 5 years to develop content. Software price is an absolute rip-off.

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