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Why do you need bim services?

bim services

Why Do You need BIM Services?

The advancement of computer techniques has way to certain new computer tools. For example, designing model of a building is now comparatively easy with the help of computer software and tools. The software like Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and Bentley has made the job of architect, general contractors, construction managers, and engineers much easier and perfect. Designing the model of a building on computer is now an easy task, by using BIM. As BIM services helps make virtual design on computer screens and shift according to the wish of clients, the architects get more opportunities to generate and implement new ideas.

The works, which were not possible manually earlier, can now be done perfectly with the help of BIM. While, the sketch that is drawn manually does not have the feasibility of the design, the work done on computer avoids all the worries about the specifications.

There is no doubt that BIM makes a revolution in the field of construction. The acronym for building information modeling, BIM, actually transformed the architecture and design world. It is becoming the standard of conceptualization, client presentation, building engineering and construction. BIM, the process of creating and managing build data during development, allows the design and construction of a structure to be simulated, visualized and evaluated prior to actual construction.

As the models are created in a virtual environment, any co-ordination issue becomes visible to the clients clearly. Earlier, 2D plan could not identify such issues and they were generally tidied up in final co-ordination or at a cost premium on-site. That is why it self, the adoption and use of BIM has grown 500 percent in the past years among engineers, designers, architects and construction professionals. According to the researches, up to 80 percent of firms have adopted BIM.

Let’s us have a brief look on the reasons you need BIM

  • Error and building liability are the most expensive categories in construction. BIM process prevent design clashes, construction phase challenges and energy inefficiencies by increasing your view of the entire design.
  • BIM improves bidding estimates, which is never a comfortable situation, even though you are well at the bidding process. Bit, BIM process enables you clearly estimate your costs in time and resources.
  • BIM enhances coordination. BIM helps you manage changes in all the three dimensions with live sections and elevations that instantly reflect changes in other views. It will save your time.

There is no doubt that transitioning to a BIM workflow is an investment, both in terms of time and money.

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