Taking a business partner approach we help Architects, Product Manufacturers & Suppliers and Contractors with developing their custom library for Revit families.

Revit Modeling India is an expert in Revit family creation services in Autodesk Revit which further helps in generating Error Free BIM Models.

Revit Family Creation Offerings

As a BIM technology partner, we have worked with our clients on a wide range of project from hospitals, industrial facilities, commercial and residential buildings to substations and electrical rooms. Whether it is about creating parametric Revit families from 2D drawings, generating BIM content from hand-drawn sketches or adding any essential information within a pre-built 3D model, we have the expertise to meet your advanced level of Revit family creation service requirements.

Architectural Revit Families Creation

Doors, Windows, Furniture, Walls decoration, Partition, Ceilings, Floors, Louvers, Grills, Stairs etc.

Structural Revit Families Creation

Beams, Columns, Joints, Trusses, Decks etc. for steel, wood, concrete and RCC structures.

MEP Revit Families Creation

HVAC ducts and equipment, Switchboards, Lighting Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures, Toilet Fixtures, Water Pipes, Cables, Trays etc.

Mechanical Revit Families Creation

Plant Room Component Models such as Compressors, Overhead TanksPumps, etc. Furniture Shelving, Rack Systems, Shop Fitting Furniture, etc.

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Best Practices Of Revit Family Creation – White Paper

Our BIM experts have assorted their years of experience of developing libraries of Revit BIM content for our clients within this Ebook for “Best Practices of Revit Family Creation”.


COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Leading Pump Manufacturers in Australia – With an Annual Production Capacity of more than 7 million Pump Units
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
SERVICES: Parametric Pump Revit Family Creation
LOCATION:  Sydney, Australia

A leading pump manufacturer in Australia wanted to provide their clients with an exclusive library of digital models based on its product catalogue. The intent was to use this library to create custom drawings with better accuracy and system intelligence with a very pressing turnaround time. A parametric Revit pump model was to be generated with parameterized inputs, analytical model, construction drawings and shop drawings including item schedules which could be used by the project stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a building. Nested families in a single model file were requested for future reuse of the parametric models. Revit Modeling India was selected as Revit technology partner, a BIM professional services firm with technical expertise in Revit family /content creation services.

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