We are known to be an expert at outsourcing BIM modelling services which is required to create customised and comprehensive construction documentation sets. The documents which we create are defined to be of superior standard and quality. Our Construction Documentation services are inclusive of detailed working drawings which help the builder, contractor and supplier to work on the cost of the project and include construction and designing. The documentation service with us assure technical expertise, 100 percent precision and high quality output and that to within specified period of time and reasonable cost as well. We can understand you needs and requirements better than anyone else in this business.

Benefits of Working with us

We guarantee to provide accurate and precision Construction Documentation Services. We also assure relevant information in regards to the required quality and layout of the material in order to effectively plan and execute the construction phase. By outsourcing the documentation project to us you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • You will get complete access to the advanced technology
  • You will be able to utilise the knowledge and expertise of the trained professionals.
  • You can be assured of high quality outputs.
  • There would be increased bandwidth in order to transform heavy images.
  • We will make sure that the turnaround time for the process is reduced to a great level.
  • We guarantee great and comprehensive solution
  • We offer our product at competent and affordable prices

Benefits of Outsourcing the Documentation Services

You will be able to increase your required returns on the investments by the means of outsourcing the construction Documentation services and also the drawing specifications. Following would be the advantage of outsourcing the services to us.

  • We guarantee customised end to end complete solutions.
  • You will get 24*7 support and also multi site distribution of the drawings.
  • You can be assured of the dedicated channels in order to transfer heavy images.
  • The turnaround time for the process will be reduced to considerable limit.
  • Tailor made and flexible solutions for the requirements.
  • Qualified and experienced team of professionals to provide high standard solutions.