Today we build parametric intelligent 3D Models and we are no more dependent on 2D bewildered designs. This is one of the primary reasons for the rising popularity of BIM modeling services within modern construction projects.

BIM is as an intelligent model-based process for planning, designing and managing buildings and infrastructure projects. With the increasing popularity of BIM, producing a fully coordinated BIM 3D service model is essential for any construction project. BIM models are intelligent objects backed by geometry and data. These models enable construction team to optimize, validate as well as coordinate information regarding design within a virtual environment, making them a very significant part of the entire BIM process.

However, building in-house BIM expertise comes with its own challenges, i.e. huge investments for hiring modeling experts, implementing BIM related software’s, building infrastructure to support the implementation and other overheads, which ultimately shoots up the overall construction budget.

To address these hurdles, most construction firms and contractors prefer outsourcing these processes to BIM technology experts like Revit Modeling India.

Revit Modeling India has an experienced pool of BIM experts with hands-on experience in BIM tools like Autodesk Revit and Naviswork. Our team has years of experience in successfully serving our clients with their BIM modeling services requirements.

Our BIM experts are capable of generating all elements of a BIM model including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC model for up to LoD 500. In addition to providing a digital representation of a building project, we also help our clients with complex projects involving interoperability and collaboration within the design environment for all the models of different disciplines.

With our BIM modeling services, significant improvements can be brought to the process of installation with the improved transition between design and construction.

Benefits of BIM modeling services

  • The production of a coordinated, clash-free and virtual BIM models help improved coordination of services
  • It reduces the installation time and costs by identifying and rectifying coordination issues at the early stage
  • BIM modeling service reduces the requirement for site-based variations and modifications that will result in a reduction of waste and man-hours
  • More accurate data management and extraction with the help of BIM modeling services provide functionality for the automated generation of Bill of materials/Quantity take off
  • As BIM 3D models, with the integration of estimating, manufacturing and scheduling technology, support the manufacturing and fabrication process.
  • BIM 3D models improve the efficiency of on-site service installation that will help support the off-site manufacturing/modularization process
  • It helps improve the accuracy, quality and detail of construction documentation.

Revit Modeling India is a perfect fit for all your 3D BIM modeling services Requirement

  • Our licensed architects, with their technical skills, aesthetic capabilities and attention to details provide our clients with an edge over the competitors.
  • We render using the advanced rendering software
  • We ensure high-quality services at affordable cost and at fixed time
  • We promise value to return to our clients
  • Your sketched are rendered by highly skilled and experienced professionals

Revit Modeling India, with years of experience in 3D BIM modeling services, provides services in most areas such as large-scale commercial, aviation, healthcare, and education and retail projects.

If you are thinking of implementing BIM on your next project, maybe we can help. Write to us at and book a call appointment with our BIM experts.

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