Initial construction software’s like CAD, enabled users to create mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in 2D drawings. These were basic documents, unable to convey the actual intent of construction. However, with the evolution of BIM, now MEP engineers have access to crucial information straight from the architectural model.

Example: With a direct access to the architectural model, MEP engineers can attain real-time access to design data which accommodates electrical and plumbing devices and fixtures.

As BIM is a collaborative platform offering real-time access to all disciplines in construction, each discipline can contribute their inputs within the digital models which could be further used for decision making during the design process and fabricators and sub-contractors can use this information during the construction stage.

At Revit modeling India, we understand the significance of these digital assets and make sure that we work closely with the MEP design firms / MEP engineers throughout the design and development stage.

We get involved with our clients in BIM process since the inception stage of creating MEPF BIM models i.e. creating models for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and Fire systems. This helps us generate coordinated MEP BIM models offering our clients a competitive advantage. Before submissions, we validate these models for constructability, performance and maintenance.

Benefits of MEP BIM Coordination Services:

  • Identifies collision between all service models, during the design stage to avoid clashes during actual construction
  • Offers a single repository to maintain design data of all disciplines
  • MEP BIM coordination services help retain pipe and fitting connections when the layout of piping is moved to another level
  • Improves stability of ducts while it is being routed, eventually enhancing the regeneration time
  • Improves performance of air terminal within the system
  • Improves the stability of panel schedule
  • A fully coordinated MEP BIM model ensures sustainability building processes

As an MEP contractor, you can greatly benefit from our MEP BIM coordination services. At Revit Modeling India we work with MEP contractors, structural engineers, fabricators, sub-contractors and surveyors for their MEP BIM coordination projects.

List of our MEP BIM coordination services:

  • Fabrication drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Collision detection
  • Builders work drawings
  • Co-ordination among different MEP trades
  • Detailed section views
  • Parametric modelling

Our team of BIM MEP engineers are accustomed to working on various inputs including hand sketches, conceptual drawings, design excels data sheets, single line drawings and redline markups.

We use all the advanced design software’s which seamlessly integrate with these BIM models. Our team has extensive experience of working with BIM tools like Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks, Autodesk Fabrication and Solidworks.

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