Revit Model India provides BIM drafting services that include design and analysis, cost estimation, Revit 3D modelling, AutoCAD to Revit drafting, conversion from 2D to 3D, construction documentation and design of mechanical components etc. Our professionals, with the help of different computer-aided BIM tools like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor and SolidWorks etc. deliver the maximum quality of services to the clients based on their project needs and preferences.

Important BIM drafting services provided by Revit Modeling India

  • We provide BIM drafting services for residential building for all sizes
  • We ensure BIM drafting services for institutional buildings, hospitals and leisure complexes
  • We offer BIM modeling for mitigation and clash detection
  • We can convert two-dimensional drafts into three-dimensional models
  • We help clients with scheduling construction procedures and cost estimation
  • We prepare construction documents of high quality

The main priority of Revit Model India is the satisfaction of the clients that include civil engineers, structural engineers, contractors, subcontractors, project managers, construction teams, real estate professionals, building owners and many more. Continue reading to know why clients keep on depending us for various BIM services like BIM drafting.

  • We have a team of efficient professionals who are creative, enthusiastic, and open for challenging projects and moreover have experience and expertise in the domain of BIM drafting services
  • We always try to follow international standard quality by keeping all codes and ethics in the construction industry
  • We can produce more goal-oriented results by evaluating each work individually and customising it.
  • We, though try to provide cost-effective services, are not ready to compromise in quality
  • We consider timely delivery of services is a proof of our professionalism
  • We have special customer care department that can take care of the queries of customers and maintain the accountability

Advantages of outsourcing Revit Modeling India for BIM drafting services include:

  • Cost effective, but quality BIM drafting service with timely delivery
  • Highly skilled, well trained and long experienced BIM drafters
  • No special charge for hiring, infrastructure or payroll related formalities

While Revit Modeling India ensures manage your BIM drafting, you can focus on your competencies more.

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