Revit Modeling India is an expert in Revit family creation services also known as BIM content creation services within Autodesk Revit which further helps in generating BIM Models. Product manufacturers, architects, contractors, engineers and fabricators are the prime users of Revit family creation services. Each BIM stakeholder gets these products modelled based on their custom requirements.

What is Revit family creation or BIM content creation?

BIM or Revit components used to build your Revit 3D BIM models are known as Revit families. The wall, doors, stairs, windows and other such elements within your model are some of the examples of Revit families. These families consist of multiple types, which are interdependent on each other i.e. any instance change in within the parametric variable of one type would apply throughout the project.

Revit enables you to create 3 types of Revit families, which includes system families, in-place families and loadable families.

  • System Family: System family is a pre-built Revit family within the Revit environment, which cannot be edited. Examples: Walls, roofs, floors, ducts, etc.
  • In-place family: In-place family is a very special case of the family, it’s meant to be there for a one-off unique situation in your model. These families contain a single family type, so if one geometry is resized, it reflects on the other associated geometries in the project.
  • Component family or loadable family: Component or loadable families are the families usually being custom created using the inbuilt templates for most of the elements. The families are related to building components which are usually procured or installed within or in the surrounding of a building project. Windows, furniture and fixtures, boilers, water heaters, casework and plumbing fixtures are some of the examples of loadable families.

Whether it is about creating parametric Revit families from 2D drawings, generating BIM content from hand-drawn sketches or adding any essential information within a pre-built 3D model, we have the expertise to meet your advanced level of Revit family creation service requirements.

Benefits associated with Revit family creation services:

  • Effective layout plan and project presentation
  • The better understanding of the requirement
  • Effective marketing for a product
  • Cost and time saving by reducing limitations and enhancing early understanding
  • Better scheduling of projects or products

At Revit modeling India, we have adopted a planned approach for BIM content creation applying the best industrial practices to generate Revit families and adhering to the CSI codes recommended for creating those families.

  • Our approach towards creation of a customized Revit family starts by selecting a template and planning parameters for the same.
  • Thereafter our team of experts work on creating the model geometry along with assigning subcategories to the objects as prescribed by our clients.
  • The next step includes setting up the visibility rules within Revit environment and creating family types.
  • Once these families are created, they could be used on multiple projects and could be altered based on the design changes.

As a BIM technology partner, we have worked with our clients on a wide range of project from hospitals, industrial facilities, commercial and residential buildings to substations and electrical rooms.

List of our offerings in Revit family creation or BIM content creation services:

  • Revit architecture families
  • Revit structural foundation or column families creation
  • Revit MEP family creation
  • Revit MEP electrical families
  • Revit parametric families
  • BIM content development
  • Revit Advanced family creation

We come with years of experience of working with product manufacturers, architects and engineers on their BIM content creation requirements. Product manufacturers have the utmost need for Revit family creation services, as their wide offering for these families acts as an important parameter for their selection by designers and BIM consultants.

To know more about Revit family creation or BIM content creation services, write to us on and our BIM experts would get in touch with you.

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