With the increasing popularity of BIM within the construction industry, there is a need for custom-built BIM families in order to create an intelligent 3D BIM model to assure the development. Manufacturers provide the custom families for their products which are most likely to be chosen by BIM consultants and designers firms in order to present their specific needs in relation to each project.

We at Revit modeling India provide the most customised solutions for the product manufacturers, architects, fabrications, engineers and contractors who need help with modeling their products as per the latest BIM standards, with Revit as a platform. The BIM families or contents once have been created can be used in terms of various projects as per the requirements and also we make sure there are provisions to make certain changes in the designs on the later stages.

With the help of our team of specialised BIM content creation services experts, we assure that we deliver polished parametric Revit families, create from the 2D sketches or through a free hand sketch provided by our clients.

As these BIM families are parametric by nature and are meant to be applied to multiple sections, we ensure that the necessary information is appropriately placed within them. For understanding the origin and securing the re-use of these BIM families in future, our team of experts add necessary information like the manufacturer’s details, submittals, product code and other relevant data.

Revit modeling India tries to enhance efficiency for their clients by providing high-quality BIM content creation services. It also helps in creating all kind of standard customised BIM families. Along with BIM content creation services, we even offer BIM solutions for generating parametric models of architectural Revit families, Revit MEP family creation, Revit structural family creation, Revit based content and family creation, fixtures, custom applications and building system etc.

We provide our BIM content creation services for various different sections in the AEC industry including owners, architects, general contractors, consultants and building product suppliers.

To know more about our BIM content creation services, write to us on info@revitmodelingindia.com.

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