“72% construction firms in the US are believed to be using BIM technologies for significant cost savings on projects.”

The increased popularity of BIM within different phases of construction life-cycle has mandated an in-depth understanding of BIM processes for BIM Managers.

The Infographic is a visual representation of all the 4 proven business factors to evaluate the reliability of a strategy or process. It evaluates the pros and cons i.e. the strengths and weakness that appear as a result of BIM implementation on a building project. Later it investigates the opportunities and threats that occur as a result of this implementation.

Download the Infographic to get the maximum returns on your BIM investments:

  • Strengths of implementing building information modelling into your construction process
  • Though being adopted on a wide scale within construction what are the drawbacks of implementing BIM
  • Apart from cost savings and reducing construction time, what are the other opportunities associated with BIM processes
  • Learn about the industrial threats associated with BIM

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