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Revit Family Creation

Creation of families or content for BIM models is a very important prominent part of BIM services. Revit Modeling India specializes in Revit family creation for a model, which is generally known as BIM Families due to the popularity of the software.

Our highly skilled professional team of Revit family creators, who have long years of experience in Revit Family creation services provides services that encompassing Architectural revit family creation, structural family creation, MEP family creation, etc. We can offer fast and veritable BIM family creation services for several different projects including hospitals, commercial buildings, substations, residential units, electrical rooms, educations buildings and industrial facilities.

Different Revit family creation services

The following are the various BIM family creation services provided by Revit Modeling India

  • Structural family creation
  • Architecture family creation
  • MEP family creation
  • Building system components
  • Structural components
  • Building system families
  • Building system families
  • Legends and title blocks
  • Related custom and supporting doors
  • Walls, doors, windows and partitions
  • Fixtures, custom applications

BIM family creation services, with the powerful and efficient design, architectural and documentation software called Revit, which is developed by Autodesk Corp, can create basic parametric families like furniture and equipment etc. It enhances the graphic quality of the project models by modifying different families.

Steps of Revit family creation services

Revit, the most successful software, is nowadays implemented in different building information modeling projects. All the elements, which are of different sizes, shapes and parametric variables, are family based. Here describes the detailed steps, which are followed in providing effective Revit family creation services.

  • Select the family template
  • Plan the parameters
  • Create the model geometry
  • Assign the object subcategories according to the need of clients
  • Set up the visibility rules
  • Create family types

Advantages of BIM / Revit family creation services

  • Effective layout plan and project presentation
  • Better understanding of the requirement
  • Effective marketing for a product
  • Cost and time saving by reducing limitations and enhancing early understanding
  • Better scheduling of projects or products

Clients including individuals like contractors, sub-contractors, designers, architects, building and owners as well as business firms in construction industry get in touch with Revit Modeling India, as our quality services in this sector make them able to provide a project presentation a scale able the ordinary.