Revit modeling India has worked in coordination with planners, estimators, architects and builders on building information modeling projects handling different dimensions i.e. 3D BIM modeling, BIM 4D services of construction phasing and simulation, 5D BIM for cost estimation and BIM 6D for development and maintenance of facility management models. Our vivid experience with BIM tools like Autodesk Revit suite Naviswork and the capabilities to integrate these tools with project management tools like Primavera, Microsoft project, etc. allows us to assist our clients in achieving their BIM implementation goals in a coordinated environment.

What is 4D BIM construction phasing and scheduling?

The process of creating 3D information models by means of a visual representation within a common data environment is known as BIM. The richness of these information models augments the progressing project stages. Eventually, a complete set of a fully functional information model is delivered to the client.

Adding the time factor to these 3D information models is the 4th dimension in BIM also known as 4D BIM. The process of adding scheduled data to various elements of a BIM model, generating a planned series of events along with a step-by-step visualization of the progress of a project is known as BIM 4D scheduling.

BIM 4D services – construction phasing and scheduling help in determining estimated lead-time, construction and installation period, sequencing or linkage of any specific component or a workspace within a construction project, even before it reaches the ground.

Benefits associated with BIM 4D services – construction phasing and simulation:

  • 4D construction phasing and scheduling in BIM offers you a single collaborated platform, wherein you can link the time-related attribute of any specific activity with its 3D visual model, demonstrating its structures and adjoining localities at all project phases. This helps in increasing efficiency and reducing any last minute design change or excessive time lags during actual construction.
  • With 4D construction phasing and scheduling in BIM, you can compare your BIM programme generated schedules with the actual construction schedules to continuously monitor the progress of the project. Implementing 4D BIM simulation during the earlier planning stage of a project can help in determining the feasibility of the scheme.
  • Often planners use 4D scheduling during the tendering stage of the construction process to develop confidence in their practices within their proposals.

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