At Revit modeling India we have a strong team of structural engineers, modellers and drafters thrived to deliver coordinated construction BIM models and documentation, helping you in accurately maintaining your vision throughout the construction process. Our structural BIM services ensure enhanced coordination between all project stakeholders and furnish an editable analytical representation of structural elements along with the geometric model.

With Autodesk Revit structural suite we easily perform accurate analysis of complex building structures and minimize inefficiencies by coordinating analysis with design and documentation.

BIM for structural engineers:

Structural engineers are believed to be captivating a leadership role as far as BIM adoption in the industry is concerned. While other stakeholders just entered the league of BIM adoption, structural engineers were a way through it.

BIM offers a platform for structural engineers to work more efficiently and accurately with tools that support CAD-based workflows. Applications like Autodesk Revit structural suite comes equipped with intuitive structural engineering tools which help in designing better buildings along with communicating your ideas effectively to the other stakeholders of the project.

Integrating Revit with Autodesk Navisworks enables the integration of multiple 3D models and data formats into a single model that architects, engineers and contractors can simulate analyze and review for better coordination, conflict resolution and planning, long before construction begins.

Revit Modeling India assists its clients at different levels of BIM project from designing, visualization, stimulation, construction documents towards constructing better buildings with a set of tools that support structural design and analysis throughout the project lifecycle.

List of our structural BIM services:

Our structural BIM services include creating structural BIM models, generating construction documentation, extracting structural BIM components and creating BIM families of diverse structural objects of a building.

  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • Precast modeling and detailing
  • Structural shop drawings creation
  • Structural steel detailing services
  • 4D construction phasing and simulation services

At Revit Modeling India we dive into each structural element of a building from foundation plans, wall sections, framing plans and details, smoking zone and fire safety details, column and beam details to all other essential components of the building structure, identifying the possible risks at an earlier stage before it reaches the field.

Our structural BIM deliverables translucent information on the buildings floor, roof, seismic, wind from the drawings, with clear annotations on the soil pressure, pile bearing capacity and stresses of all materials that are allowable in a particular building.

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