With our plumbing BIM services, one can facilitate 3D visualisation of all kinds of plumbing related elements in a building. Our BIM plumbing solutions track coordination and checks for interference for all elements of MEPF BIM. Whether its fabrication drawings, fittings, spool drawings, quantity estimation etc, we provide all these solutions to our clients.

BIM for Plumbing Contractors:

Through implementing BIM on their projects, plumbing contractors can immensely cut-down on the waste and reduce rework during construction. This ultimately results in an overall cost reduction along with boosting productivity on construction site.

List of our Plumbing BIM Services:

  • BIM modeling of the sanitary fixture
  • 4D scheduling of plumbing equipment
  • Drafting services for water supply and distribution plans
  • Quantity take-offs
  • BIM MEP coordination services

At Revit Modeling India, we follow best practices for BIM implementation designed and developed by our BIM experts adapting fundamental industrial and corporate BIM standards.

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