Revit Modeling India is highly competent and renowned for handling fire protection needs effectively and efficiently with the help of its Fire system BIM modeling services. Our team of dedicated engineers help our clients in improving the building model by adopting all the major life safety systems in BIM. We hold specialisation in fire system BIM modeling, firefighting design, validation and shop drawings and we have also emerged as a major MEP BIM modeling and coordination service provider.

The models designed by our BIM experts undergo regular quality checks to ensure the adherence to local fire system codes, design discrepancies, coordination issues and constructability. The shop drawings delivered by us contains all the major information in regards to fire sprinkler system like sprinkler valves, heads, calculation plate, gauges, branch lines and mains which are needed for error-free and speedy erections. Our team of engineers help in fire system BIM modeling services and also supports in building the automated system for preparation of riser diagrams and management of fire protection systems. The final validation of design is done as per applicable local and international codes.

We work on all prevalent software applications including Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks and Autodesk Fabrication. Our team follows the NFPA standard 13 while installation of the sprinkler system, for the purpose of installation of Hose system and standpipe NFPA 14, NFPA 20 while installing stationery pumps for protection against fire, for dry chemical Extinguishing system NFPA 17 and NFPA 22 while installing water tanks for the purpose of private fire protection.

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