One of the most important aspects of any building project is the accurate cost estimation which can determine the feasibility of the project as well as help in deciding a bidding amount for the project. 5D BIM construction cost estimation is a modern approach to document all information required for a building project, which enables estimators with a higher level of accuracy in calculating and estimating the cost of a construction project.

5D in BIM is the 5th dimension added to BIM 3D model i.e. 3D BIM Model + Time as the 4th dimension + Cost as the 5th dimension. Through our BIM 5D modeling services, we enable BIM participants to visually monitor the progress of their construction project along with observing its immediate impact on the cost associated with materials over the period of time.

We at Revit Modeling India offer 5D BIM construction cost estimation services to contractors, estimators, architects and project owners in various project domains such as commercial, institutional, corporate, industrial, healthcare and others.

Through our BIM-centric project management approach, our clients acquire the capabilities to implement project control practices, improve cost management and plan a timely delivery of any complex project.

List of our 5D BIM construction cost estimation services:

  • Architectural, MEP and Structural integration
  • Create libraries
  • Create a virtual intelligent 3D model
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Extract accurate project information
  • Create high-quality construction documents

Benefits of 5D BIM construction cost estimation:

  • Accurate BIM quantity takeoff in a short period of time with the integration of 3D data in a visual representation.
  • Examine three-dimensional building models for time and cost estimation
  • Keep records of the project design modification and estimation and calculation of the respective costs
  • Create multiple versions of the cost plans according to the changing project designs

At Revit Modeling India we use different software packages like Autodesk Revit Suite, Navisworks, AutoCAD and others associated BIM cost estimation applications. Our team of BIM experts provide accurate BIM construction cost estimation that leads to precise quantity surveys. We deliver detailed material take off reports to our clients, to effectively decide upon their budgeting structure.

Our BIM construction cost estimation services help you in mitigating risks associated with your construction project and offers you a platform to plan out required measures for construction cost control.

Thinking of your next construction project? Extract the construction cost estimation, before the project reaches the field. Write to us at and speak with our BIM expert.

Thinking of Your Next BIM Project?