If you have not had experience with BIM yet or if you are still wondering what type of barriers will you encounter while implementing BIM or how much would it cost to implement BIM?

The white paper identifies and compiles challenges associated with BIM implementation at the project and company level. Construction companies which are still in the early stage of BIM adoption or implementation, this document would help you prioritize challenges associated with BIM and how could you strategically cope up with these challenges while designing your BIM implementation plan.

Companies with firsthand experience on implementing BIM can even run into unexpected difficulties while implementing BIM at an organizational level. The document pins down the best practices of implementing BIM with four easy steps toward BIM Implementation.

What would you learn?

  • Significance of adopting BIM attitude across the organization
  • Importance of develop BIM Project Implementation Process
  • Things to be considered while implementing BIM Pilot project
  • Leverage BIM – Embrace the BIM Environment

Get off your hitch concerning challenges related to BIM and explore your journey towards BIM implementation. Download the white paper.

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