One of the most important aspects of any building project is accurate cost estimation that can determine the scope for a particular project as well as quote a bidding amount for a project. BIM, a modern approach to documents all information required for a building project, can enable us a higher level of accuracy in calculating and estimating the costs of a construction project.

We at Revit Modeling India offer BIM cost estimating services for various domains including residential, commercial, institutional, educational, industrial, corporate and healthcare building construction that will help our clients save time and construction cost as well as improve overall accuracy.

Our main BIM cost estimating services include:

  • Architectural, MEP and structural integration
  • Create libraries
  • Create a virtual intelligent 3D model
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Extract accurate project information
  • Create high quality construction documents
  • Others


The services that our clients get from Revit Modeling India include:

  • Accurate quantity takeoff in a short period of time with integration of 2D and 3D data in a better way.
  • Examine three dimensional building models for cost estimation
  • Keep records of the project design modification and estimation and calculation of the respective costs
  • Create multiple versions of the cost plans according to the changing project designs


Reasons for Revit Modeling India become the favourite of all types of clients

We, using the software packages like Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Tekla (Xsteel), 3DS Max, Autodesk Vectorworks etc. perform the perfect BIM cost estimating services.

  • We provide accurate BIM cost estimating that leads to accurate quantity survey.
  • Clients are accessible to detailed reports of the modeled materials.
  • We are able to ensure effective compliance with the budget structures of the project without compromising in quality.
  • We deliver the services in quick turnaround time.


The core values of Revit Modeling India

We keep a strong relationship with our clients by maintaining the following values:

  • Give preference to customer satisfaction
  • Ensure clarity and transparency in approach
  • Maintain continuous quality improvement
  • Keep consistency in timely deliverance of work
  • Be sincere in all the endeavors
  • Keep the clientele Date confidential

BIM cost estimating services, which make sure total quality and high accuracy as well as are cost effective, are appropriate for eradicating inaccuracies and risks.