Revit modeling India believes in delivering reliable scan to BIM services and also point cloud to BIM services. We put extra efforts in converting the point cloud data into informationally rich BIM model.

We at our service centre offer point cloud to BIM services with all kinds of necessary details for the architectural elements like ceilings, windows, walls and floors for different kinds of structural elements like roofs, beams, columns, trusses and other related elements along with MEP elements which includes heating, pipes, cooling and all other mechanical equipments.

Point cloud data is mostly raw and there are huge chances of certain kind of inconsistencies. We restructure the point cloud used for BIM and try to identify and rectify all kinds of errors and related alignment flaws. Laser scanning tools like Lecia and Kubit helps in providing point cloud data which is partially BIM model. Our team is well versed to handle these partial BIM models which are generated through point cloud for BIM. We make sure to deliver BIM models with construction scheduling; quality take offs and cost estimation details. Our BIM professionals try and optimise point cloud to the model for BIM to assure sustainability and also to aid the facility management after the completion of construction.

Point cloud to BIM services:

  • Surface and tracing restructuring from point cloud data.
  • We offer point cloud to BIM 4D for the scheduling of construction.
  • Conversion of Point cloud to BIM 5D for the estimation of cost.
  • Conversion of point cloud to BIM 6D to assure optimisation of sustainability.
  • Conversion of point cloud to BIM 7D for the management of facilities.

We have a record of successfully executing phased renovation, expansion projects and retrofits. Our experts are popular for creating BIM models with the help of point cloud data and also for conducting a design validation. We leverage the basic potentials of point cloud technology integrating it with our BIM expertise. Our professionals are trained to compare as-built conditions with the planned design and augment 3D data. We are known to create information-rich models and also provide a visual and easy to understand output through our 3D BIM models.

Our company is focused on delivering high-value returns on our point cloud to BIM services. In order to learn more about our point cloud to BIM services, write to us on

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